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Jack has 14 Trains
Call & Response is an audio work-in-progress (2005-present)

I describe my work as films without pictures, but that leaves something out. Narrative audible experiences, especially when heard alone, ignite visual imagination in ways akin to reading, but more like music, it is the work that paces the listener’s experience.

In my teaching I like to listen, especially to the very young. Their observations, phrasing and suppositions are a source of clarity as I look to lay out and organize what I know about being in the world. In my sound work I do the talking for my fictional characters. I have them tell stories of the myths they invent to explain the natural world and family life, and the sometimes unnatural world of their interiority.

I believe that the fact that myths are invented doesn’t preclude them from being true. These scenes are small vignettes of desire and doubt that add up to a family tree that blooms and hisses.

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